Longer Videos available upon request.


Created by Kristopher Estes-Brown

Premiered July of 2019

Original Music: Kristopher Estes-Brown

Scenic Design, Lighting, and Video: Kristopher Estes-Brown

Costume Design: Jennifer Tierney


Trapped inside a Noir film plot, Alice becomes the prime suspect of a murder involving devious and deceitful characters.  A dangerous web of crime and intrigue quickly ensnare Alice as she soon realizes that she must find the real killer herself. 

Can Alice navigate this world of treachery before she meets her own demise?


Last Stop

This 52 minute contemporary dance theater  piece creates an abstract world of story-telling and airline travel.  From comical to beautiful to sometimes uncomfortable, Last Stop entertains and challenges the audience to have a new type of dance experience.

-Choreography, set, and lighting

 by Kristopher Estes-Brown

-Trailer music by Ezio Bosso

-Performance by Concept Zero Dance


with/out words

This hour long contemporary dance theater piece focuses on the destruction of language and its effects on social structure and individual relationships. With stunning visuals and a diverse score, with/words challenges the audience and dancers alike to create ways to communicate.

-Choreography, set, and lighting

 by Kristopher Estes-Brown

-Trailer music by Kristopher Estes-

 Brown, Genevieve Frank, and Maura

 Kate Frank

-Performance by Concept Zero Dance


Little Bird

A small excerpt from with/out words, The Little Bird duet is a tongue-in-cheek look at domestic communication challenges.

-Choreography, set, and lighting

 by Kristopher Estes-Brown

-Music by Evelyn Knight

-Performance by Concept Zero Dance


Who Me?

Asking the question: How do you see you? Cheeky and fun, Who Me? gives classic Latin Dance music a contemporary dance treatment that is memorable.

-Choreography and lighting by         Kristopher Estes-Brown

-Music by Xavier Cugat

-Performance by the American Youth   Ballet with guest performers Adam   Still (Colorado Ballet) and Jessica   Brown (BalletMet).

A Brief Encounter

The intersection of stories and bodies becomes an abstract narrative about the different phases of relationships. The halfway point of Last Stop, A Brief Encounter, serves a tonal shift for the longer piece.

-Choreography and lighting by         Kristopher Estes-Brown

-Music by J.S. Bach

-Performance by Concept Zero Dance Theater

distance, intimacy, and other observations

A fast-paced work that looks the intersection of intimacy and connection as it relates to proximity. 

-Choreography and music by         Kristopher Estes-Brown

-Performance by Milwaukee Ballet II