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Kristopher Estes-Brown


Kristopher Estes-Brown is an American choreographer, composer, director, and educator. 

As a choreographer, he is best known for his athletic, expressive movement style, unique musicality, and eye-catching theatricality. 

Estes-Brown has created over 95 original dance works ranging from 8 full-length story ballets to a multitude of contemporary dance pieces. In 2023, he had the unique honor of being selected as a choreographer for the National Choreographers Initiative. His stage works have been performed all across the United States by numerous dance companies with great acclaim. His choreography can also be found in the Sundance Short Film, Crude Oil. Estes-Brown is the current Resident Choreographer for Mareck Dance (formerly Missouri Contemporary Ballet) and an adjudicator for Regional Dance America.

As a composer, Estes-Brown’s music melds a big cinematic sound with dance theater aesthetics. He has been commissioned by notable choreographers and theater producers nationwide to create original scores for new productions, and his musical compositions can be found in many short films and digital media offerings.

Born in a rural town in the Midwest, Estes-Brown moved to Kansas City, Missouri as a child where he studied classical dance and music. Eventually he would go on to dance professionally in many ballet companies across the United States including Milwaukee Ballet, Sacramento Ballet, Oakland Ballet, and Eugene Ballet.

From there, Estes-Brown developed his own choreographic lexicon that is the intersection of movement, music, and story-telling.

Estes-Brown is the Founder and Artistic Director of Concept Zero, a contemporary music and dance company. Concept Zero serves as the ground floor for Estes-Brown’s multimedia productions which blend original music, dance, video, and stagecraft. 



Kristopher Estes Brown
Tel: 913-626-9339  |
Insta: @k_estesbrown

Management - Stephen Word

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