Composer. Choreographer. Director. 


Rachel Hellwig for ArtsBham (Birmingham, AL)

"One of the most exciting things about “Last Stop” is how its set and lighting are such an integral part of the drama. Four moveable white walls and a variety of lighting changes create absorbing worlds onstage.

Taking its inspiration from the social interactions and emotions that occur during travel, “Last Stop” incorporates transit-like announcements into its score which features music by Estes-Brown, Ezio Bosso, Federico Mompou, Mozart, Xavier Cugat, Adrian Klumpes, Annie Corey and The Crew Cuts." 


John Schneider for Sheperd (Milwaukee, WI)

"To his own increasingly ferocious (and gorgeous) music, choreographer Kristopher Estes-Brown took six dancers to their limits. Titled “distance, intimacy, and other observations,” these young men and women had to trust and help one another through multiple physical challenges. The sense was that matters are urgent and isolation an unhappy option."

With a distinct musicality, Kristopher Estes-Brown seeks to create an entire experience for the audience and dancers. Through intelligent use of space and compelling movement, he approaches each work with a unique sensitivity.                        

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